Hey, I’m C. A. Touré, first things first that diacritic on the e is not for decoration purposes. It’s pronounced like an “ay”. So my last name is not Tour but pronounced “Tooray” well that’s as close to how it should be pronounced. I’m a writer of fiction and non-fiction, I’ve been one for most of my life. Decided to give it a serious swing the past couple of years and here are some of the works that have come out of it:

The Success RoadMap

It’s currently free everywhere. In this book, I discuss means by which one may begin changing one’s life. If you’d like to read the description it’s here. The work in this book was quite personal as I used those very techniques to overcome personal hardships of my own and I feel quite confident it can do the same for others. If you’re feeling stuck or lost hope I wrote this book to help you rebuild your life with actionable steps. You can get your copy here

More of Me

For my full bibliography go here. I used to publish under the pen-name Mosaid Ikiké but decided to switch to my own name. All in all, I’ve published over a dozen books but decided to pull them out of the market to update my old non-fiction books. I also cancelled my contract with my first publishing company and requested the book be removed from all bookstores. Since I’m committed to writing now as a career thought I should rework my old stuff. I decided to start this website to have my little spot for me and my readers online, where I can offer far more diverse programs and works. Plus, I’ve felt that without a website I had no way of keeping in touch with those people who liked my books. I found out 2 years after one of my books was published that people were commenting on the Goodreads page expecting a sequel that I never got around to writing. Sorry about that, I’m still getting around to being more social on social media. I’m working on those at the moment to honour my commitments to y’all. You can email me at tourewriter@gmail.com, I’d really like that.

So here are some of the things I think you should know as a new reader:

Every month I’ll be publishing new material for as long as I can sustain it. And every month those books that come out will be free for the first five days of the release month. That’s my way of saying thank you to you guys for being part of the process and for being there. I’ll offer a ton of free stuff too, exclusive videos and programs to go along with some of my books. Other programs won’t be free like the complementary Accountability Associates program I started on my Patreon look it up here, it goes along with The Success Roadmap and can still be useful on its own.
I try to always answer all email, so don’t hesitate to write, it could be about anything, i.e. that weird neighbour that just feels like he’ll murder you any day or maybe topics you’d really like me to write about. Or wink-wink you could just tell me how awesome I am, I wouldn’t object to that.
You can click on Writings in the Menu and get access to all my works over the internet and beyond, all the free stuff is also there.
I’ll be adding some free resources on this website. Hypnosis recordings and other mental programs I’ve made. Just join my email list and every couple of weeks, I’ll be sending you a lot of helpful articles and other media to help you achieve your ideal self.
I write fiction, so from time to time, I might post a short story here or a link to one I wrote elsewhere and if you’re interested in those, I’ll email you about some of the fantasy novels I’m currently working. I’m particularly excited about my Sons of God series right now, so I’ll update you when that’s done or ready for a pre-order.

Thank you for joining me on this great journey. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.

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