I am only a mirror

When you see a person. What do you really see? Who they really are? Or who you think they are? Who they think they are?

Well, in my 27 years of experience, or co-existence with others. I have come to see that it truly is a beautifully interesting journey to navigate this life. The people you meet can sometimes shape the image of yourself you project. That is of course unless you remain steady in your beliefs about who you are, and if you’re lucky enough to know who that is early on.

But yeah, I just sometimes remember that I’m just a mirror for some. People all come into other people’s lives for some reason and the first thing they do is gain an impression of the other. Who you are has been less important than who you appear to be. Which is an injustice that we commit against many. Admittedly, it is often without awareness.

When you’ve outgrown this approach to knowing people. Relationships are based on stronger foundations. Fewer chances of clashing when you let people come to you as they are and then let them reveal whoever they are (or become over time) in that short window of time we call our lives.

It has become natural that we project ourselves on others. We project a perception of them, based on choice items like race, money, power…etc. This is primarily the root cause behind why people seem to never agree. And the reason slavery and colonisation in Africa and across the world had to happen.

Many people of European descent forgot that if Darwin was right we all evolved from that prime human being that began our entire genus. We all are one family, that is a greater truth that must be taught to the next generations in some way even if we fail to take the necessary measures to change in our lifetimes.

We also forget at times, that it can greatly wound a child, a person of any age or origin when we begin to impose a perception on them. This is a form of psychological warfare or, in minor cases, an attack. Not everyone can withstand being bullied or forced to conform to a persona, not of their choosing. And to do this to another human being, or any other creature, is both cruel and the height of spiritual imbecility. Furthermore, it reflects a brutish and sadistic nature.

These are the entirety of my thoughts on this matter. However, I am open to any rebuttals. Here or elsewhere. Check my social media links somewhere here on the screen. Have a wonderful day. And know that you are loveable, deserving of love and the reason for love.

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