Reawaken Your Inner Giant

We all sense it, that nagging voice that won’t let us live lives of silent mediocrity. That unknown whispering all the potential our lives hold. Call it your soul, your higher self, your truest self or your self-est self. Whatever nomenclature works for you. 

Yet it is there, and begging for you to wake up. I believe we all sense it and deep down we know that until we achieve the purposes for which we were born, those we know deep down we are capable of achieving. Though we fear them. We will never be at ease with our conscience.

It will keep nagging, and as time marches on if we keep living farther away from our edge. As we keep spitting in the face of the grandest self that dwells in us. We will feel diminished. Smaller and smaller. until all that is left is the dwarfed self the world is aching to forget.

We must awaken, there is no other alternative but mediocrity. And it is indeed the hallmark of the mediocre to be capable of grand things and yet never dare try. 

Whatever fears animate your inactivity, choose to place your faith in their opposites. If you fear death, denounce that faith, and convert to the religion of life. For as long as you draw breath you must honour that creed, and play your part to enrich it for all. To do otherwise is true infidelity, it is the highest insult to all that is sacred. To have been given such a gift, and to return it to the sender, unopened. 

AWAKEN, slumbering giant and leave your most devout mark on a page or two of the great book of life. 

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