Changing My Direction as a Writer and Entrepreneur

As a writer, it’s sometimes a little frightening suddenly moving into a new genre. You’ve grown so comfortable in one area and it seems like tempting fate trying to move into new turfs. Will I be just as effective in that field? Will I suck? Are people going to wait for me in front of my door to throw rotten tomatoes at me if I dare publish this new Cyberpunk novel? Ok that last one is probably a pseudo-fear but you’d be surprised what the mind comes up with when it gets going.

As an entrepreneur, it seems that pushing the envelope should be second nature. It’s the epitome of risk-taking, so in that regard, it’s been business as usual, I’ll be starting a smart farm next month and building upon some tech ideas I’ve been considering for a while.

This is a little note, a sort of public diary entry. So that I can share the circumstances that led to my decision to write about new topics and enter a new field as an entrepreneur. As a self-help writer, I’ve enjoyed sharing my motivational thoughts. I do wish I had written more on this website and that’s something I’m going to be changing going forward. I’ll be posting more often and trying to be more comfortable on social media, let’s see how that goes.

Another exciting piece of news is that I’ll be focusing on Web3 and blockchain writing, as I’ve found a real interest and passion for the field since becoming a Software Engineering student. So, much of my writing will be focused on tech, and I’ll be partly rebranding as a tech and entrepreneurship writer. I’ll still write motivational content but I’ll be exploring this new interest as I learn and grow in the field.

I’ve got several projects on the backburner, and I’ll be sharing more over time in future posts. My most exciting project is a Network State, or digital nation as some call it, but I prefer the term Network State, it really encapsulates the actual vision I have for this particular project. You can read up on what a Network State is here. This will be the umbrella under which I build all my other projects and incorporate many new things. I’ll be sharing a whitepaper soon, explaining exactly what my particular Network State is intended to do, and if any developers, artists, philosophers, or political science students/activists, want to join, please reach me through the contact form on this site.

It’s been a crazy few years, quite a number of downs and ups, but overall in hindsight, I’ve learned so much and grown quite a bit as a writer, entrepreneur and in general as a man. In this next phase of my life, I want to ensure I share the wins and growth with as many people as possible. While truly focusing on building a community, a place where many like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world and awaken their inner giants can collaborate and build a world that reflects values we’ve chosen, not those that we find ourselves forced to contend with. Especially in Africa, I hope that many of those living in Africa who’ll be part of this community will join so we can address issues that affect us all on the continent.

I know, I haven’t gotten much into the details of what’s really going to take place, but writing it all here in a single post will make these updates unnecessarily long. Plus, there’s got to be a little suspense, don’t you think? Sharing the journey, the wisdom and the opportunities as they arise will be far more productive. However, these are contact points that I can start with:

  • For writers, I’m building a platform that will help us thrive and grow much faster. However, I’d very much like to conduct a short survey to make sure I solve not just my own issues but those the writing community has at large.
  • For developers interested in working on this novel idea, The Network State, and those who would like to be part of a revolutionary movement please reach out here.
  • Everyone else who just feels curious about what will transpire in the next few months, please subscribe to the website through the box below.
  • For entrepreneurs in the tech and agribusiness space, please follow my LinkedIn and reach out, message me there or just use the contact form here if you’d like to discuss collaboration.

I don’t want to reveal too much as tempted as I am but something new and I hope truly transformational is about to take place. And I hope many will join in helping to create it.

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