About Me

The short of it is, I’m a writer. I write fiction and non-fiction. I love doing so, and I write for your and my own pleasure.

So Who Am I?

So we’ve established that I’m a writer. I’ve written for over 15 years at this point in time and I’ve been pretty prolific. I write to help others, entertain them and sometimes just to feel the clicking sound of a keyboard beneath my fingers, just kidding…. sort of.

But still that doesn’t tell you who I am, not in the philosophical sense at least. We won’t be going that deep , relax. Well I’m a soul within a body and all that….the standard stuff. That soul’s been renting this body since 1994 when I was born in Belgium to my amazing Guinean parents.

I started writing when I was 11 or 10 to be honest I’m not quite sure, so I just tell people it was 12 since that’s when I started really dreaming of making this my job. I used to tell my little brothers stories I’d make up on the spot. In some of them I was a companion of Goku in DBZ and I’d narrate the great stuff we’d do when I’d meet them at night when everyone was sleeping. In other stories I’d hang out with Spiderman or other heroes. That’s when I discovered my affinity for creating stories.

On that note, I’ve always loved stories. I can’t go a week without devouring one, it’s been a habit since I was about 5 years old.

My Works

Some Extra Stuff About Me

UNHCR (2014 – 2014)
I taught English to a small group of refugee children while I studied in Malaysia. This was a pretty fun experience, although I discovered that I could teach, I really don’t like doing it that much the traditional way.

BA in Business Administration
I ended up studying business administration after highschool. I was quite resistant to the process wanting to become a writer. Perhaps in a few articles I’ll end up talking about those experiences.

I love Pizza and Noodles
If there is any food that I could eat practically forever it would be noodles and pizza. I could keep eating variations of the two for years without ever feeling really fed up.