Sex & Success: How Does Sexual Transmutation Work?

A movement amongst men has been reinvigorated in the past few years. As many have awoken to the reality that indulging in sex with no regard for the loss of energy and moral degradation has far-reaching consequences. Several groups have been formed around this idea. Groups such as the Semen Retention subreddit, the Nofap community, […]

Reawaken Your Inner Giant

We all sense it, that nagging voice that won’t let us live lives of silent mediocrity. That unknown whispering all the potential our lives hold. Call it your soul, your higher self, your truest self or your self-est self. Whatever nomenclature works for you.  Yet it is there, and begging for you to wake up. […]

I am only a mirror

When you see a person. What do you really see? Who they really are? Or who you think they are? Who they think they are? Well, in my 27 years of experience, or co-existence with others. I have come to see that it truly is a beautifully interesting journey to navigate this life. The people […]

Tips for Communication in Relationships (Part One)

This post was written by a guest writer and may or may not reflect’s views on the matter discussed below. Author’s note: Keep in mind, this is only part of a series of thinkpieces- a few small posts to those in relationships to offer some tips to keep your communication flowing smoothly. I am […]

Everything Feels Important in the Moment

My favourite poem on the topic of ambition is Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Perhaps, it’s because it spoke to me in a way so few poems did, or its impact stemmed mostly from the cautionary tale effect it had on me. Many of us yearn to make our lives mean something. I guess we […]

Toxic Positivity & Learning to Transcend Your Pain

In our pretend-positivity washed society, a good chunk of time tested logic has been cast aside. Everything human that used to be normal and encouraged is now vilified. More than anything else, there’s a pervasive, dismissive, shallow and illogical approach to existence that’s best summed up as Toxic Positivity. Just lost your job and feel […]

Nothing You Dream Will Ever Be Passively Built

Nowadays, passivity is all the rage on the internet. Passive income, passive work, passive this, passive that. It’s all a lie. A grand marketing ploy to cater to our laziness and dreams of a life built on profit and, well, passivity. We’ve been sold a dream, that all we need to do is just “chill” […]

How to Set a Goal & Stick to It

Your dreams are just waiting for you to take action, but before you do, it really helps to have a clear vision for where you’re headed. So, in this post you’ll find a roadmap to set up goals you can act on, in no time.

Dear You, (Letter #1)

For a while, an acquaintance I made online has been having a hard time. She still is. I don’t know what made me feel like contacting her directly. It started with her tweets I suppose. It’s not every day someone just tweets about their depression and basically seems to have given up, publicly. I still […]


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