Ghostwriting Services

NB: All fees below are in dollars, but I accept equivalent payment in cryptocurrency or any other fiat currency.

My Ghostwriting services currently only cover memoirs, self-help, blog posts/articles, business plans and short fiction works. If you’ve always wanted to hold your own book in your hands, earn from it, and just find yourself starved for time or skill to write, then these services are just for you.

To keep it short, I’ve covered the 3 essential aspects of each project:

  • What I’ll do
  • How long it will take
  • How much it will cost

    The typical duration of a project is 3 months, but I do not charge per hour (or month! :)). We’ll work on an outline to make sure the vision for the project is aligned first, and then we’ll get to work and follow a timeline. Each week we’ll have a scheduled call and we’ll establish milestones to keep track of the book and spend time efficiently. So here’s a breakdown of my fees depending on the genre:


  • Covers Political, Celebrity, Transformational and Confessional memoirs.
  • Completion time is max. 3 months but exceptions can be made.
  • My fee is 20 cents per word and the maximum word count for any commission accepted is 200, 000 words.


  • Covers any topic under the sun intended to uplift, enlighten or help in any way.
  • My fee is 10 cents per word and any project accepted shall not exceed 100, 000 words.
  • It takes 3 months to complete, or 2 months and 15 days if you provide an outline.

Short fiction

  • Genres covered are fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and drama.
  • My fee is 25 cents per word, and any project accepted may not exceed 70, 000 words.
  • It takes 3-5 months to complete a final draft (exceptions will obviously be made)

Blog Posts/ Articles

  • Categories covered are tech (crypto, new computation news, etc.)
  • My fee is 40 cents per word, any article/post written may not exceed 4000 words.
  • It takes a week to complete an article.

Business Plans

  • This covers SMEs in the idea development phase and also companies looking to revise their plans and adapt their business models.
  • It takes 1-2 months max depending on the project size and complexity.
  • My fee is 70 cents per word, any business plan commission accepted shall not exceed 20, 000 words.

Project Submission