Motivation Tools

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So I’ll be adding tools I find helpful for creatives here or tools I come up with, feel free to download them. If you came to this page through a link in my book, the resource(s) you’re looking for will be found below. Don’t worry I won’t be asking for your e-mail in return for my free resources, which I put a lot of work into making 😑, for the time being. But if you do feel like my content is helpful and you want to keep this connection going, consider joining my newsletter by adding your email above.


Don’t-Break-The-Chain Table

This table can help you track your progress visually and stick too a routine or an commitment to work on your goals daily. You can use it to track any number of activities. It is also the one mentioned in some of my books if that’s how you landed on this page.

The Engagement Agreement

This agreement is meant to help motivate you to pursue your goal by leveraging an accountability associate. I recommend you only sign it if you are certain 100% sure you are ready to pursue your goals seriously. It could be legally binding in most countries.