Non-fiction Books

The Success Roadmap was written for the reader wary of constant failure. The book is filled with techniques that are simple and proven. Your journey to personal transformation truly starts here. Get your free copy.

Are you squeamish to make the hard choices that would get you ahead in life? Most people are and don’t have the raw ambition to get them where they need to go. After reading this book that won’t be you anymore. Get your copy here.

In Prolific, you will learn 33 principles that make the difference between the most productive creatives and those who barely put out a piece of work per year. You’ll discover ways in which you can apply this knowledge and begin raising your output and quality as a creative. These are principles that have been applied by the most prolific creatives and you can bet they’ll make a difference in your own life. Get your copy here.

Most creatives have heard of the power of sexual energy. This is not a concept born in the art world. It has its roots in spirituality and one of the most documented origins is in India, where it is termed Brahmacharya. In this book you’ll learn some practical ways to apply this practice to your own life. Get your copy here.

This is a short book, meant to be a motivational boost. It covers the mentality necessary to overcome failure. It was written at a particularly tender point in my own journey.

By the time you put it down, you’ll be reminded of your inner strengths and ready to give your dreams another go, or start something new. Get your copy here.

If you’ve got an interest in getting a crash course in esoteric spiritual knowledge, then this book is a perfect introduction. I wrote for those who sense that there is more to life than the apparent world and would like to learn more without being derided or dismissed. In it you will get all you need to kick off your journey, all in one place. Get your copy here.